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About the Team at TIVI

Appointed by the President of Tokiwa University, TIVI faculty members provide advice and guidance to university and Institute leadership in the following areas: (1) Leadership in developing new, crosscutting research and educational activities; (2) Intellectual balance; (3) Curriculum development; (4) New appointments and visitors; (5) Fellows Programs; and (6) Convening and reviewing of conferences, workshops, and seminars. The faculty of the TIVI meets regularly and maintains the intellectual agenda and overall academic integrity of the Institute.

In support of the TIVI faculty and researchers in achieving the common goals of the Institute is the International Advisory Board, consisting of over a dozen internationally renowned names in victimology. The Institute’s day-to-day administrative operation is provided by the processional and experienced management team.

Below users can find a description of all of the personnel members associated with Tokiwa International Victimology Institute. It is only through the dedicated hard work and cooperation of each of these individual members of the TIVI team that the TIVI remains the leading victimology institute in the region.

Profiles of the TIVI's Director and Deputy Director
Institute Faculty Members
Profiles of the TIVI's faculty members and researchers
Management Team
TIVI's administrative and support staff
International Advisory Board
A list of the TIVI's international advisory board members

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