International Perspectives in Victimology

International Perspectives in Victimology

International Perspectives in Victimology is an English language refereed journal published by the Tokiwa International Victimology Institute. The journal is a peer-reviewed multidisciplinary publication with focus on traditional and newly emerging areas of victimology. Topics covered may include: victims of crimes, abuse of power, road traffic accidents, domestic violence, child abuse, bullying, disasters, and war; victim services; victimological theories; victim rights: victim compensation and restitution; restorative justice; and new conceptual developments and research in the field.


TIVI E-Journal

The first on-line issue was published in August 2010. All of you are invited to the submission of a manuscript for the upcoming online issues.

The on-line subscription fees are as follows;

Individual (Biannual) US$30.00*/year
*WSV Members’ Rates: Regular Members US$20/year, Student Members US$15/year, New Life Members US$20/year, Old Life Members US$10/year

Institutional (Biannual) US$60.00/year

One issue (Full contents of one number) US$20.00

One article US$ 5.00

For more detailed information and your subscription, please access the special Website of the Press, California State University, Fresno.

Tokiwa University and California State University, Fresno signed an agreement in April 2010 to publish International Perspectives in Victimology (pictured) online. The e-Journal provides worldwide access to TIVI’s internationally-renowned peer-reviewed journal for students, researchers, scholars, and anyone interested in the latest developments in the field of victimology.

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