Lodging Information

Please see the following options for accommodation during the Asian Postgraduate Course period and select the option you prefer (A, B, or C) when you send the course registration form.

A. Stay at the Tokiwa International Hall (a dormitory located near the Tokiwa University) (Foreign participants from abroad shall be prioritized.)

During the two weeks of the Asian Postgraduate Course, the Tokiwa International Hall will receive a limited number of participants, especially those from abroad. This facility is primarily a residential building for Tokiwa University’s foreign students and researchers. As the number of room vacancies are limited, we will reserve your room on a first-come, first-served basis.

Application Deadline for Applicants from Abroad: June 27, 2014

*In case we have still vacancies as of July 1, Japanese participants may apply for stay from July 1.

Lodging Fee: 1,900 yen per day
Possible Period of Stay: July 27 (Sun) to August 9 (Sat)
Capacity: 30 beds (15 beds for male participants, and 15 beds for female)
<Facility & Equipment>

One unit has three separate bed rooms with one common bathroom and lavatory with a central sitting area.
For daily cooking, course participants shall only be allowed to use a common large kitchen located on the 1st floor. A laundry room with coin-washing machines (100 yen) and coin-dryers (100 yen/30 min) is available on the 2nd floor.

If you are accepted to stay at the Tokiwa International Hall, we will inform you of the detailed conditions and regulations of the facility by July 10, 2014. The lodging fee for the entire period of stay should be paid on the first day of the course. No participants shall be allowed to stay at this facility before or after the period mentioned above.

Foreign applicants might be requested to stay in a local youth hostel or city hotel in the event that there are no longer any vacancies at the International Hall.

B. Home-stay with a Host Family (Only for full-time students from abroad with no income. Available host families are very limited.)

To stay with a host family is another option for participants during the two weeks of the course, but only full-time students from abroad that have no income are eligible to apply.

Application Deadline: June 27, 2014
Home-stay Fee: 500 yen per day
Possible Period of Stay: July 27 (Sun) to August 9 (Sat)

Please carefully read the following conditions before sending your application form.

1) Even if you apply for a home-stay, for various reasons it is possible that we will not be able to find a host family that can accept you. We will inform you by July 15 at the latest whether or not you can stay with a host family during the course period. In the event that we cannot arrange a host family for you, you will be requested to stay in the International Hall by paying the lodging fees at the daily rate of 1,900 yen.

2) If you are informed by July 15 that you can stay with a host family, you shall be required to pay the home-stay fees for the entire period of your stay based upon a daily rate at 500 yen upon your arrival at Tokiwa University. (e.g. If you stay for 16 days with a host family, the total amount you have to pay shall be 8,000 yen.)

3) Each host family has their own customs and rules, and all participants who stay with a host family are strongly requested to follow those customs and rules. Host family's homes are not hotels, so you must always behave modestly and politely. If we receive any complaints from your host family about your manners or behavior, you will be immediately asked to move to a city hotel at your own expense.

4) The environmental situations and conditions of the different host families vary, so some participants shall have to use public transportation and bear all related fees (including those of the daily commute to Tokiwa University). Arrangement of the host families for each home-stay applicant will be totally managed by the TIVI, and we will inform you by July 15 of all expected costs. If you cannot accept these conditions, you may lose a chance to stay with a host family and will be asked to stay in the International Hall, a youth hostel or a city hotel.

Application Form

C. City Hotels / Youth Hostel

If you like to stay at any city hotels or at the youth hostel, you are requested to make reservation by yourself. The following is a list of just a few examples of accommodations that provide an English website.

1.Kairakuen Youth Hostel: 20 minutes walk to Tokiwa University (or 5 minutes by bus)

2.Hotel the West Hills mito: 10 minutes by bus to Tokiwa University
  This hotel provides special plice for Tokiwa University.

3.Smile Hotel Mito: 20 minutes by bus to Tokiwa University

4.APA Hotels & Resorts: 15 minutes by bus to Tokiwa University

5.Hotel Mets Mito: 20 minutes by bus to Tokiwa University

6.President Hotel Mito: 20 minutes by bus to Tokiwa University

There are more reasonably priced hotels in Mito city than those listed above; however, most of them do not have staff who can speak English. For further information about hotels in Mito city, please e-mail us at: apgctivi@tokiwa.ac.jp

* All foreign participants of this course are encouraged to bring a few items of your traditional clothing to wear at the farewell party. Also, if you are accepted as a guest of a host family, we encourage you to bring a small gift as a token of your appreciation.

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