TIVI Disaster Response Team (TDRT) has been established at TIVI

In order to assist the victims of these catastrophic events, Tokiwa University, in a campus-wide effort, has launched the “Disaster Victim Support Project.” As one of the efforts, the TIVI has established the TIVI Disaster Response Team (TDRT).

Providing Resources to the International Victimology Community

The Tokiwa International Victimology Institute strives to provide resources to the international victimology community through its regular training and development courses. In the links below you will find information about the upcoming Asian Postgraduate Course on Victimology and Victim Assistance, an annual course conducted jointly between the TIVI and the World Society of Victimology to provide educational development to victim-related researchers, practitioners, students, and the like. Additionally, the TIVI works with the Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA) to provide multi-week training courses to victim-related practitioners in developing countries.

The TIVI has also developed a unique victimology publication database, the TIVI Bibliography, for users that contains more than 2,000 publications. Users can search the database in multiple languages and free of charge by accessing the link below.

Academic & Training Courses
The annual Asian Postgraduate Course and the JICA Course

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