Tuesday 8/27/2019

Today we went to Elk Island National Park. Here we could see Bison. It was very cool. Also, we went canoeing and kayaking on the lake. It was nice to relax and enjoy activities that can be done in Canada.

Elk Island National Parkに行きました。大きな湖でカヌーをしたり、ハリーエインリーの生徒たちとフリスビーやサッカーをしたりしました。

Monday 8/26/2019

Today we went to WEM (West Edmonton Mall) and went ice skating. The students were very good at trying to ice skate. Although some weren’t as good as others, they all seemed to have a good time. After ice skating, we had lunch and went to the amusement park and water park.
This mall is about 4 times the size of Uchihara Aeon.


Sunday 8/25/2019

Today the students recovered from the Rocky Mountains and spent time with their host families.


Friday 8/23/2019

Today we rode the Jasper Skytram to the top of The Whistlers Mountain. The elevation was 2,600m at the top. It was cold at the top but the view was incredible. At the top we saw a Marmot. It was very cute. In the afternoon we went river rafting along The Athabasca River. We went over several Class 2 rapids. It was a good thing we were wearing rain gear.
In the evening we went for a nice dinner and enjoyed talking about today’s activities. The students did their best to eat Alberta Beef.


Thursday 8/22/2019

Today the students made breakfast and we trekked on to Jasper. On the way to Jasper we stopped for a hike at Siffleur Falls. The view was incredible. With the surrounding mountains and waterfalls were breathtaking. Afterwards we made our way to Jasper where we had a birthday dinner. Today we had two birthdays. Celebrating a birthday in a foreign country is very special. After dinner we went for a light walk around Maligne Canyon. In the way we saw some Elk which was exciting. It was nice to walk off our big dinner. We finally made it to The Jasper Downtown Hostel. The students are very tired. The weather has been great so we look forward to more great weather.


Wednesday 8/21/2019

We travelled from Edmonton to Nordegg. On the way to Shunda Creek Hostel we stopped to do a hike. The students had a choice to hike either Hoodoo Creek or spend the afternoon at David Thompson resort for less strenuous activities. After hiking we went to The Shunda Creek Hostel. The students made a taco dinner for everyone and we sang songs and made s’mores around the campfire.


Monday 8/19/2019

It was warmer today and around 20℃.
Today was the first day of the English intensive course. Students acclimated themselves to Canadian English and began to converse with the Canadian teachers and their Canadian high school friends they have made. It was very fun to see them interacting with Canadian high school students. Tomorrow is the Amazing Race, which is a scavenger hunt around Edmonton. They are really looking forward to it.


Saturday and Sunday 8/17/2019-8/18/2019

The weather in Canada is cold and around 15℃ so adjusting took some time. But the cool weather allowed the students to spend their weekends comfortably.
The students spent the weekend with their host families. After a short recovery period from Jet-lag went to various places and did things with their host families.
This time of year there are many festivals. Some students went to the Fringe Festival or the local farmers markets while Others went swimming, exploring the city or camping with their host families. Many of the students seemed very anxious at first. But as the weekend continued they had a great time with their host families.