Tokiwa International Victimology Institute (TIVI)

The Tokiwa International Victimology Institute (TIVI) was established in the fall of 2003 as one of the 20th anniversary commemorative projects of Tokiwa University and with the aim of contributing to the development of victimology worldwide. Since then, the TIVI has been conducting interdisciplinary research as well as teaching victimology and victim assistance while serving as a base for information in collaboration with universities, research institutes, governmental organizations and non-governmental organizations, both nationally and internationally.

Victimology is the multi-disciplinary study of victims of crimes, traffic accidents, disasters and any other significant misfortunes that cause pain, suffering and death to human beings. In contemporary society, various factors which cause victimization are correlated with each other. The need to minimize victim suffering is increasing locally and globally. Every year, the TIVI conducts research projects on a wide variety of topics focusing on victim behaviors, victim vulnerabilities, victim recovery, trauma, coping skills, victim rights, legal reforms and support services.

The Tokiwa International Victimology Institute (TIVI) is currently
engaged in the following research projects

  1. Hansen's Disease - Social Victimization and Recovery
  2. Elder Abuse Victim Needs and Vulnerabilities
  3. Vulnerability Factors for the Prevention of Juvenile Victims

In addition to the research activities, the TIVI organizes and hosts annual international symposia and lectures, offers training courses such as the Asian Postgraduate Course on Victimology and Victim Assistance for the World Society of Victimology, undertakes contract projects such as the training course of the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and publishes a refereed journal, lecture monographs and symposia proceedings books. The TIVI also functions as an international resource, as it contains a victimological library that houses books, journals, reference materials, government documents, videos, CDs and research reports that are all available to scholars, researchers, students and general citizens.

TIVI Objectives

  1. to conduct research and support teaching activities in victimology
  2. to provide help for students, especially those who belong to the Graduate School of Victimology at Tokiwa University
  3. to maintain our active liaison with other similar institutes and organizations by extending information and cooperating in any way possible
  4. to operate a victimological resource library with books, monographs, statistics, official documents, academic and applied journals, brochures, audio-visual tapes, disks and other materials
  5. to publish an international referred journal of victimology
  6. to publish professional monographs, research reports and brochures of the institute
  7. to promote and create activities that encourage and support the professionalization and advancement of victimology and victim services worldwide
  8. to host educational and professional activities such as conferences, symposia, seminars and similar events
  9. to promote faculty and student exchanges at all levels
  10. to perform contract research and surveys
  11. to manage all the events needed to fulfill the above objectives of this institute

TIVI Personnel

Director Takeshi Koyanagi
(in alphabetical order)
Tetsuya Fujimoto
Gerd F. Kirchhoff
Akemi Kitane
Takeshi Koyanagi
Hidemichi Morosawa
Susumu Nagai
Nobuho Tomita
Associate Professors Noriko Moriya
Masaharu Senzu
Tod Tollefson
Manager Kazuhiko Nakamura

*In addition to the above, there are part-time researchers,visiting researchers, administrative staff and assistant clerks in the TIVI.

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Tokiwa International Victimology Institute (TIVI)For more information about the Tokiwa International Victimology Institute (TIVI), please refer to the TIVI website.

Tokiwa International Victimology Institute (TIVI)