Graduate Studies

Master's Program in Community Development

In today’s society, active community leaders with the ability to invigorate local communities are urgently needed. The demand for such active leadership will increase more and more in years to come. It is vital for community leaders to have a wide variety of knowledge and professional skills in the fields of education, teaching, environment and social welfare and services. The Graduate School of Community Development provides excellent courses for those who are interested in taking the initiative in local communities.

The Master's Program in Community Development was established to conduct advanced research on the methodology underlying community development and to develop quality human resources through a series of professional courses. The program offers four specializations at the master's level: Museums, Social Welfare, Community Activities and Regional Policy. Students trained in this program are expected to become community leaders with the ability to use their knowledge and skills creatively to invigorate local communities.

Research Areas

Area I: Regional Policy

Focusing on academic research and fieldwork, this area provides opportunities to learn the theories of community administration and the requisite skills. Upon completion of this program, students are expected to manage community administration “for citizens, by citizens” using the skills of event-planning, decision-making and policy making.

Area II: Community Activities

This area offers opportunities for students to experience a wide range of community activities such as lifelong learning, volunteering and working in NGOs. Through practical learning and training, students have the potential to work in these areas as professionals.

Area III: Social Welfare

This area provides courses whereby students can learn and examine the issues and problems of community welfare for children, the disabled and senior citizens.

Area IV: Museums

Intended to rejuvenate local community activities and to energize tourism, this program offers opportunities to gain professional skills for managing museum activities such as exhibition planning, coordination of museum education and production with the support of the Tokiwa Museum of Museology.