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Undergraduate Studies

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Tokiwa Junior College

In an internationally-aware and technologically-advanced Japan, there is a need for capable individuals with exemplary cultural standards and professional skills. Tokiwa Junior College has an important role in producing intellectually enlightened, creative and caring graduates.

The junior college is comprised of two departments where graduates can acquire professional qualifications and accreditation as secretaries, child care workers, and kindergarten teachers. However, the college also trains mature students in a broad, liberal arts education and provides courses required in today's business world, such as information processing and foreign languages.

In collaboration with the Colleges of Human Science, Applied International Studies and Community Development, the junior college offers interdisciplinary studies whereby students may enroll in any course offered by the four-year colleges.


Educating individuals with the skills to thrive in the real world.


Training educators and care providers with practical abilities and a rich sense of humanity.