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Undergraduate Studies

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Department of Career Development and Liberal Arts

Educating individuals with the skills to thrive in the real world. A fulfilling life is built upon a career earned through ones professionalism and practical skills. The foundation to that is education. The communication skills necessary in the workplace, social common sense, the ability to process information, the ability to understand other cultures, and the ability to educate oneself - these are the five essential components to the base of an independent, educated professional that we instill in our students.

Department Highlights

  1. Students can choose from two courses: "Career Development and Liberal Arts," and "Business Management".

  2. Through meticulous instruction and practical coursework, students are able to gain the fundamental skills and education required to enter the work force.

  3. We offer comprehensive coursework that includes internships, cross cultural training seminars, visits to English training facilities, library internships, study sessions, and volunteer work.