Undergraduate Studies

Department of Community Culture

The Department of Community Culture offers two major tracks: 1) community lifelong learning and 2) museum management. In these tracks, students are given practical training to gain qualifications in their respective fields of study.

Community Lifelong Learning

This track offers opportunities to acquire a variety of knowledge and skills for supporting the lifelong learning of citizens. Through practical education and an internship, students learn the methodology to coordinate activities such as recreation programs for children and for senior citizens. After the completion of this program, students are expected to become leaders in the promotion of lifelong learning in local communities.

Museum Management

The success of exhibitions in locations such as museums, galleries, theme parks and even shopping centers depends on how one organizes and coordinates those exhibitions. The method of organizing exhibitions is called “Museum Management.” This track provides students with opportunities to study the planning and management of museums and exhibitions as a curator. With the support of the Tokiwa Museum of Museology, the track offers intensive, practical training through case studies and actual planning exercises.