Undergraduate Studies

Department of English and American Studies

To become deeply integrated into a contemporary, international society, communication in English, the international language, is of paramount importance. The department adopts a tripartite approach. Students will endeavor to attain three different skills: 1) English proficiency, 2) expressive skills and 3) an understanding of different cultures. The goal of the department is to cultivate university graduates capable of using English effectively by providing education opportunities in small group interaction, overseas training and communication with exchange students. In addition to speaking the English language, students should become adept at using the language for a variety of purposes necessary for their future.

The department focuses on two main objectives: to raise students’ communication ability to an international level and to create a learning system to promote language proficiency.

First, one cannot initiate contact with the global community without having a thorough understanding of different cultures and the skills necessary for intercultural communication. The department has created communication courses based on the idea that communication abilities to deal with real world issues are acquired through efficient study of English proficiency, expressive skills and the understanding of different cultures. Students study these three skills in a well-balanced manner. They can develop their expressive ability and cultural understanding to meet the demands of a global society.

Second, our goal is to train students to use the English language effectively. Graduates should obtain a minimum level of English proficiency measured by external, standardized exams. To achieve this proficiency level, the students of the department are encouraged to study English based on their own level and to attend a seven-week overseas program to improve their English in a native-speaking environment.

Finally, the department will also strive to educate graduates capable of obtaining the license to become English teachers.