Undergraduate Studies

Department of Management

This department aims at training students who contribute to both the local and global economic communities. We recognize that, even in rural areas, the business environment is closely linked to international societies. In fact, local companies have increasingly been exposed, directly or indirectly, to the wave of the globalizing world economy, and the situation is forcing them to become global-minded. Therefore, the department will especially endeavor to create young talent with a global mindset, possessing excellent management abilities as prospective business leaders.

The curriculum focuses on 1) teaching extensive and profound business knowledge, particularly in relation to human activities vis-a-vis local and global communities, 2) fostering skills based on social sciences to solve problems that local and global economies are facing and 3) developing the total learning ability of the students.

The department consists of the following three specialized tracks.


Centering on organizations and administration, the Management Track offers courses on human resource management, strategy, business ethics, venture business and business laws in addition to courses on the basics of business management. By studying these topics, students are expected to fill management and project leader positions in companies or administrative bodies or become entrepreneurs.


This track teaches the practice of marketing, one of the most important activities of the modern corporation, by providing a deeper understanding of the customer and the stakeholder, who interact with marketing products, services and selling environments. It also develops human resources capable of working in the sales, distribution and R&D sectors.

Finance and Accounting

The Finance and Accounting Track is for students who are interested in pursuing careers in organizations such as banks, securities companies, insurance companies and the financing or accounting sections of non-financial corporations. Students learn and study accounting rules and practices, financial management, financial systems and other relevant subjects.