Similarity and difference in Inference of serial order between human and animal

Ida, Masashi (Tokiwa University, Mito, JAPAN)


Presented at the Special International Congress on Behaviorism and the Sciences of Behavior

(Taipei, Taiwan R.O.C., 13-15 December 2000)


Since Straub and Terrace (1981) studied serial learnig as a simultaneous chaining task in pigeons, similar experiments using primates (for example, D'Amato and Colombo (1988)) have shown that differences in representation exist among different spieces. What about humans ( Ida, 2000) ? This study on simultaneous chaining task in university students shows that human responses are different from those of pigeons and primates. Under discussion are what we gain by experimenting with different species and the vailidity of applying results of animal experiments to humans.