President's Message

Moving toward the creation of new knowledge, let’s talk about Tokiwa University’s second century of innovation.

Striving for an open university in a world where people and wisdom connect.

Seiichi MoriIncorporated Educational Institution Tokiwa University, a private institution with a focus on open learning, recently celebrated the 100th anniversary of its founding. Looking ahead to its next century of operation, it continues to maintain focus on its mission to develop individuals who think and act from a global perspective. Stressing self-reliance and providing ample learning opportunities, Tokiwa University cultivates such talented people so that they grow to become contributing members of society. In this, Tokiwa University continues to uphold its purpose and aim to be an institution of higher education open to the world.

If the first universities in medieval Europe were built from the desire to create international places of learning, it can be said that such universities open to the world are indeed the origin of educational institutions as they are today. The principles upon which these origins were built overlap with the educational principles of this university: Independence, Creativity and Sincerity. As was with the original universities in Europe, universities today serve as a gathering place for independent-minded people from around the world to sincerely study to improve their intelligence and abilities, deepen their knowledge, and eventually set out into the world. Founded on these same ideals, Tokiwa University has carried these principles for 100 years as unwavering cornerstones in an ever-changing society.

With roots in the local community and as a center for Ibaraki culture and information, Tokiwa University strives to ever-increase opportunities for international and regional unification. Individuals who think and act globally must also be self-aware members of society who can both understand the role the community plays in the world and also how the two are interlinked.

Believe in your ability and open a new era. Tokiwa supports individual learning.

The founder of Tokiwa University, Miyo Morosawa, was heavily influenced by Yukichi Fukuzawa, and believed that school is place for people to discover and develop their various and irreplaceable abilities. School is not only a place where one is taught; it is a place where one proactively studies. The duties of a school are to draw out the ideas and actions of students and create an environment where individual abilities blossom. This is a universal concept which is understood even today.

So, what is fascinating about the environment we call “Tokiwa”? We offer an educational style that harmonizes culture and expertise. We offer the ability for students to cycle through liberal arts education and develop their disciplinary research and outlook. We also offer them the ability to break their shell and cultivate the force to cut through the unknown. Our campus is equipped with facilities for students to utilize during their daily pursuit of knowledge, from those that facilitate improvement of English skills to those that aid in the acquisition of other skills and qualifications. Our university system is designed from the commitment to support students in all of their endeavors. Most importantly, we provide students with a free environment where they can pursue their studies volitionally, as we believe that new knowledge is born from the freedom and enjoyment of studying.

By finding enjoyment in learning, people are able to awaken and grow. Confidence is born from the lessons and experiences gained through facing challenges. I take great pleasure in the thought that Tokiwa University cultivates students with the ability to succeed in the new era and, hopefully, occasionally look back during their lives to think, “Studying at Tokiwa was wonderful.”

“Encouraging the flowers of new creation”

This was the theme of the 1st Tokiwa Academy Junior College School Festival (1967). Still today there are those that with a progressive spirit believe in the notion that “creation of new knowledge = innovation.” We look forward to meeting on our campus you and everyone else who is filled with the desire to learn.

President of Tokiwa University and Tokiwa Junior College
Seiichi Mori