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Student Cafeterias

L Building CafeteriaL Building Cafeteria

Boasting a seating capacity of 646, the L Building cafeteria features a high ceiling, stylish counter seating and terrace-like seating on the second floor. The delicious, inexpensive and satisfying menu is constantly improving based on student requests and popularity.

N Building CafeteriaN Building Cafeteria

The menu at the N Building cafeteria, which includes sauce-covered hamburger steaks and crispy fried chicken, is nutritionally balanced and extremely popular among the students. Because the cafeteria is connected to the L building cafeteria, traveling between the two is quick and convenient.

T Building Student HallT Building Student Hall

With 264 seats arranged on two floors, the Tokiwa Hall is known as the resting area for life on campus. The sunlight-filled hall is also a cafeteria featuring a popular Western-style menu.

Q Building Internet Café LAVAZZAQ Building Internet Café LAVAZZA

Internet Café LAVAZZA is a trendy Italian café located on the first floor of the Q Building. Students enjoy brunch and coffee breaks with a menu consisting of light meals and genuine Italian coffee. It is a place where students can refresh themselves while taking a break from studying.

Book Center

Book CenterStudents can receive a 5% discount on their purchase at the on-campus bookstore full of textbooks and other class-related materials. The book center also assists students with reserving new books and ordering specialized materials. Additionally, it is a convenient place to purchase stationery and general merchandise.

Convenience Store

Convenience StoreLocated next to the cafeteria is the Tokiwa University Family Mart. A familiar scene in the lives of the students, Family Mart is a convenience store which features a casual fast food menu and carries basic stationery and supplies.