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Undergraduate Studies

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Department of Law and Administration

Nurturing individuals with a legal mind and the ability to create policy that both addresses local issues and supports social security. Students receive a well-balanced education of both fundamental law such as the Civil Code, as well as the structures and systems that make up local and national government. This department is not concerned with simply memorizing law. Instead, we focus on searching for rational solutions utilizing legal entities to solve problems that occur in the real world, and teaching students to think independently about the government’s role. Furthermore, we seek to nurture individuals capable of developing strategies aimed at realizing a safe and secure society in which people can live fulfilled lives. This is the type of individual that is in demand in a wide variety of work - from NPOs and local governments to private businesses.

Department Highlights

  1. Students study both fundamental law including constitutional law, the civic code, and the penal code, as well as the structures and systems that make up local and national government.

  2. Within the field of law and administration, we focus on legal subjects such as the governance system according to the constitution, family law in the civic code, commercial code, administrative law, the local autonomy act, equipping students with the knowledge and thinking power required to legally solve today’s real world issues.