Undergraduate Studies

College of Human Science

The aim of the comprehensive educational program of the College of Human Science is to explore the nature of humanity from various aspects by asking the question, ''What is it that makes us human?'' The College of Human Science approaches this question from different perspectives by applying the processes of science to an understanding of the nature of humanity and everyday human behavior. Students investigate human relationships at the individual, group and societal levels.

The College of Human Science is composed of five departments: Psychology, Education, Contemporary Social Studies, Communication and Health and Nutrition. The college also offers an interdisciplinary curriculum that offers students the freedom to take courses in other departments. This flexibility gives students the ability to acquire broad-ranging knowledge in human science. Such an all-encompassing knowledge about human beings is fundamental to a deeper understanding of the nature of humanity.

College of Human Science Department of Psychology
Department of Education
Department of Contemporary Social Studies
Department of Communication
Department of Health and Nutrition