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Undergraduate Studies

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Department of Policy Management

Nurturing individuals - citizens, civil servants, and businesspeople - capable of contributing to the creation of a government that will improve the quality of life on a national and regional level. We collectively examine policies regarding culture, the environment, transport, information, and more. We also consider the relationship between social activity, politics, and the economy on a national and regional level.

Department Highlights

1. Participation in regional revitalization projects

Through cooperation with the local government and the citizens in its jurisdiction, our students have the opportunity to work on real policy proposals. Additionally, through participating in community-building events and volunteer work, they interact and communicate with local citizens, helping them think of sustainable solutions to the community’s problems.

2. Learning through problem solving

In order to learn how to solve regional issues practically, we cultivate our student’s policy creating power through student centered problem solving activities including group work, presentations, and debates. In turn, our students get to actually utilize their policy creating power through various local projects.

3. Promoting local environmental and cultural goods

Students learn about regional revitalization through conducting fieldwork, recording the interesting things they find locally, and then sharing it.