Undergraduate Studies

Department of Communication

Striving to become masters of communication equipped to handle an information-rich, global world. We produce individuals with true communication skills - simply put, the ability to decipher information, express oneself clearly, build meaningful relationships with others, and utilize these skills in the work force. The Department of Communication has two options: the “Media and Communication” option which focuses on understanding media, communication, and enhancing expressive ability, and the “Global Communication” option which focuses on nurturing English language ability, a wide range of knowledge, and a global mindset.

Department Highlights

①Coursework analyzes the role of communication in society from multiple angles. Students learn how to understand others, select words carefully, and use media effectively.

②Design and video production are emphasized in coursework. Students have the opportunity to conduct presentations for off-campus audiences, as well as collaborate on design projects with local businesses. This teaches them useful visual-communication skills.

③Students develop strong English skills through small, multimedia-rich, computer intensive courses. Additionally, students learn in depth about the history, culture, and background surrounding the language.