Undergraduate Studies

Department of Communication

This department was founded as the Japan’s first university department named “Communication.” Now it offers the courses to study the theories and skills of communication. By using an interdisciplinary approach, students will study interpersonal communication, mass communication, media arts and technology and so on.

Media Arts and Technology

In the Media Arts and Technology track, student will study movies, photographs, graphic design and web sites and will obtain the skills needed to send messages through their works.

Communication Studies

The study of communication includes a wide range of topics in human communication: interpersonal, group and mass communication as well as verbal, nonverbal and mediated messages. Students learn theoretical perspectives and methodological approaches to analyze the various types and aspects of communication in addition to considering what it is and how it goes from interdisciplinary points of view, namely, cognitive science, political science, mediology, intercultural communication studies, linguistics, socio-linguistics, sociology (ethnomethodology/ conversation analysis), etc.