Undergraduate Studies

Department of Contemporary Social Studies

Instilling an enriched understanding of modern society, producing leaders capable of thriving in the community and welfare sectors. We research diversity in modern society - the world humans live in and the structures that allow people to be happy - from a social studies perspective. We consider the qualities that give people the ability to survive, and the power to forge a new society. We think about the reality of today's diverse society as well as strategies to fix its problems. We strive to nurture individuals with wide-ranging expertise and the rich sense of humanity required to realize a welfare society.

Department Highlights

①The curriculum is designed to increase students' competence through step-by-step, specialized study of social studies, social security, and social welfare.

②Coursework leads to the development of problem-solving abilities. Exercises and group work help students understand the mechanisms that sustain society and what it means to coexist with others.

③Through studies that emphasize fieldwork, students learn to lean on one another, unearth the issues facing communities, and engage in finding solutions, cultivating a comprehensive understanding that combines both theory and practice.