Undergraduate Studies

Department of Contemporary Social Studies

To live in a complex, contemporary society, a basic knowledge of the social sciences is required in order to understand the reality of the social world from the various perpsectives of history, culture, politics, law and so on.

The department offers two tracks of study in social reality and social transformation. The former is a track of study of sociology, in the narrowest sense of the term. In this track, students are exposed to current sociological perspectives of social structure, family, urban and rural society, international communities, religion, gender, labor problems, ecology, welfare and so on. In the second track of study, students are exposed to current thinking in law, victimology, criminology and business ethics and analyze the nature of social security and the way of establishing peaceful relationships between individuals, groups and organizations.

Both tracks encourage students to gain insights into human behaviors and to acquire the skills required to solve problems in either the public or private sectors based on an understanding of the methodology of social research. To achieve this goal, empirical investigation is emphasized and fieldwork in the community is provided.