Undergraduate Studies

Department of Health and Nutrition

This department trains registered dietitians whose primary role is the prevention of lifestyle-related diseases through the modification of personal dietary habits. Students gain a wide range of knowledge in varied subject areas such as nutrional science, food science, biochemistry, physiology, anatomy, medical science, clinical nutrition, public health nutrition, empirical research and fieldwork. In particular, they acquire basic medical knowledge in terms of an understanding of the relationship between the human body and disease. Students will be also equipped with skills in communication, counseling and presentation as well as knowledge of nutrition management while we educate them to develop a deep understanding of contemporary culture and dietetics to enhance their life skills and common sense. This department, consequently, produces registered dietitians who support the improvement of patients’ lifestyles, including dietary habits, with respect for the individual dignity of their patients. Career prospects for graduates of the Department of Health and Nutrition are promising and employment can be found in hospitals, welfare institutions, health centers, schools and food companies. Registered dietitians, for example, play a leading role in nutrition support teams in hospitals.