Undergraduate Studies

Department of Education

Equipping educators with the skills to take on the educational challenges of the next generation. Tokiwa University offers a 50 student primary education course (kindergarten and elementary school education), and a 16 student secondary education course (middle and high school education) taught by 19 full-time professors, allowing our students to enjoy the benefits of small classes and focused coursework. Through our rigorous student teaching guidance, coursework that actually prepares students for the classroom, and a wide variety of test-taking strategies for teacher employment exams, we produce capable educators who are ready to hit the ground running.

Department Highlights

①Focused Learning
The teacher student ratio in the Department of Education is 19 to 66 (50 primary education students and 16 secondary education students), meaning that students can enjoy small, focused classrooms in their day-to-day instruction. Because the major coursework for each individual is spread out over 4 years, students are able to acquire the practical skills needed to succeed as an educator.

②Special Guidance
Exceeding the standard 15 hours of student teaching offered by most universities, Tokiwa University has secured 60 hours of student teaching at elementary schools, and 30 hours at kindergarten, middle, and high schools for each of our students. Additionally, through repeated mock lessons, we prepare our students so that they can confidently conduct their student teaching.

③Expert Advice
We regularly invite a variety of guest lecturers who have experience teaching in Ibaraki Prefectural elementary, middle, and high schools. Additionally, the superintendent of the Ibaraki Board of Education, as well as expert committee members on the Central Council for Education of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Technology join as guest lecturers. Through these special lectures, Tokiwa students are given the opportunity to benefit from experts' real-life experience and insights into the realities of the world of education.

④Success Strategies
We employ a variety of strategies to assist our students with employment such as: courses that teach our students how to lesson plan; classes that prepare students for the preliminary and secondary teacher employment exam; participation in workshops held by the Ibaraki Prefectural Board of Education; and volunteer work with kindergarten, elementary, and middle schools. As a result of this strategic approach, a multitude of Tokiwa graduates are currently thriving in the educational world.

⑤Classmate Bonding
Through various student-led events, daily classwork, and seminar sessions, our students become close, creating an atmosphere of mutual support and collaborative learning. This is an environment where no one is alone in pursuing their dream of becoming an educator.