Undergraduate Studies

Department of Psychology

To solve complex social problems, this department seeks to systematically understand the human mind - human behavior, in particular - and interpersonal relationships and to study methods for appropriately modifying that behavior. The department educates students to acquire the ability to solve psychological problems in everyday life and to sensitively apply these solutions in the community.

Basic and Applied Psychology

To acquire the necessary professional skills to understand psychological problems, students learn how to systematically analyze human behaviors and learn methods of appropriate modification of that behaviour. Students learn the fundamentals of the various fields of psychology, such as developmental psychology, learning, cognitive psychology, perception and experimental psychology as well as research methodology, including behavioral analysis. In addition, students are exposed to research in contemporary areas of psychological studies, including environmental psychology, biological and physiological psychology and industrial/organizational psychology.

Clinical Counseling

To integrate clinical knowledge in the areas of personality, clinical psychology, behavior modification and counseling, students study fundamental theories and a wide range of support methodologies to meet the needs of people under stress, experiencing other mental health problems or simply in need of psychological support.