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Undergraduate Studies

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Tokiwa University

A university established to foresee the new age of university education. Three colleges exploring their respective specialties while cooperating mutually.

Tokiwa University was established in 1983, a time when unprecedented interpersonal relationships and social distortion, such as the issue of bullying in schools, were beginning to come to head in every corner of society. However, such cases were rarely taken seriously and, as usual, the academic system continued to radicalize and subdivide, signaling a much-needed social change. In such a time, Tokiwa University discarded the framework of traditional academics and established the College of Human Science, where an interdisciplinary curriculum was organized in order to understand the essence of human nature. A stone was cast at the way a university examines the future.

As the 21st century is greeted, individuals and society are finding themselves in a state of confusion. There is a current demand to examine the human sciences that redefine human beings through scientific thoughts and techniques and return the acquired knowledge back to society.

Since the opening of Tokiwa University, the College of Applied International Studies and the College of Community Development have been established in 1996 and 2000, respectively. In 2008, a university-wide department reorganization was implemented. To realize the demands of the times, Tokiwa University has developed a curriculum to cultivate the talented men and women capable of contributing to the local and international communities.

The three colleges have arranged an array of flexible courses in order to promote extensive knowledge and strive for a high-level of human education to lay a foundation in the core of individuals who will shape society and pioneer the sciences.